What is Tokenfy?

Publish your NFT collection, custom initial sale website and smart contract without writing a single line of code. Built by Web3 devs for Creators and Artists
Tokenfy is a platform that allows you to create your NFT collection and easily launch its initial sale with customized initial drop website and your own smart contract.
With Tokenfy, you can:
  • setup your NFT collection metadata, such as files, traits, collection and token titles and descriptions
  • setup public sale
  • setup whitelisted presale
  • configure hidden NFTs and reveal them further
  • style an initial sale drop site with your branding
  • launch the website and publish your own smart contract on the Mumbai Testnet to check how it looks and works
  • manage the contract conveniently from the dashboard
  • launch the project on the Ethereum Mainnet once you're all set

Getting Started

Project guide

Follow the guide to create your first Tokenfy project and learn about cool features you can use for your project success

Knowledge base

Don't worry if you are new to NFTs. We have prepared short Q&A notes and useful references for you to discover

Need more help?

Contact us at Tokenfy Discord or at [email protected].
We'll be glad to help you!
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