Swapping $TKNFY

$TKNFY can be swapped on SushiSwap. Due to the Fees on Transfer, you need to set a higher slippage when swapping. We recommend you set it to 2.6%, so it is just enough to cover the fees on transfer. You can set it to higher value at your own risk.
Don't set a too high slippage percent. Setting a high slippage % brings a risk of your transaction to get sandwiched. Please read about the sandwich attacks and trade safely.
To reduce the risk of getting sandwiched, you can use the Flashbots RPC. Learn how to set it up in your wallet in the Flashbots RPC guide.

How to increase slippage on SushiSwap?

Open the Settings on Swap and set the slippage tolerance to 2.6%
Transaction Settings