$TKNFY Earn Guide


Where can I stake $TKNFY?

You can stake your TKNFY at: https://earn.tokenfy.com/Earn

How rewards are distributed?

200 000 000 $TKNFY are distributed based on the share in pool for 6 months, staring Jan 23 2022 21:20:00 UTC
Once the Tokenfy platform is live, there will be staking rewards multipliers for people who:
  1. 1.
    Create projects on Tokenfy
  2. 2.
    Buy NFTs of projects launched on Tokenfy

Are there fees on transfer with staking?

No, staking is 0% fees, meaning you won't pay Fees on Transfer when staking and unstaking $TKNFY.

Can I stake using Coinbase Wallet?

Yes, you can! Open the dapp from Coinbase Wallet Mobile and connect your wallet as Metamask.

How can I see my rewards?

Your rewards are being automatically recalculated during the rewards distribution period. Your staked balance shows your initial staked amount and your rewards.